Double Glazed Doors

Door Specialists in Edinburgh

City Glass UK ltd provide quality doors and door fitting services. We can provide you with a wide range of door choices & Door hardware. Our sales team will ensure you get a competitive price and the door that is right you your home. All of our door fitter are trained professionals who have been fitting doors for 40 years… Measurement price Hassle Free

Apart from our ability to create, install, and repair your double glazed glass, City Glass UK Ltd offers a variety of additional services, which include the following:
 • Doors
 • Porches
 • Soffits
 • Fascias

Quality Checks

Each product is lovingly handcrafted and is subjected to an uncompromising range of quality checks, to ensure the only glass that leaves our factory showroom is that of perfection.

Door Specialists

We at City Glass UK Ltd offer a distinctive range of top-quality doors , We work with our partners to make sure these items have a long, trouble-free life. There are dozens of options to choose from, including residential, patio, composite and French doors. We have fully glazed, half-glazed and paneled designs.

You can choose glass that is frosted, patterned, or stained. Your doors can be inward or outward opening, and can be fitted with a wheelchair friendly threshold if required. Our doors feature:
Full Reinforcement
Multi point Locks
Safety Glass
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