Secondary Glazing

Here at City Glass UK Ltd we don’t only offer standard standalone double glazing and windows but we also provide secondary glazing. Secondary Glazing gives you the option to keep your existing windows but benefit from the sound proofing and insulation that can be obtained from double glazing.

About Our Secondary Glazing Service

Secondary Glazing is a viable option for clients whose home or business is classed as listed. Listed buildings typically require planning permission for changes to the windows, however, as secondary glazing is internal it has no impact on the exterior thus it avoids any issues with planning permission.

Secondary Glazing has improved greatly over the years and City Glass Uk Ltd are proud of the options we have available to customers. We can provide secondary glazing that is slim, sturdy and compatible with the surrounding windows. Various colours and wood finishes are available.

We provide a workmanship guarantee and lengthy Manufacturer Guarantees on all Secondary Glazing

If you have an Enquiry about secondary glazing please don’t hesitate to call or make an email enquiry there will always be a friendly member of staff ready to help.