Timber Window installations Edinburgh & Lothians

Looking for a reliable source of Timber windows for your property? City Glass Uk Ltd offer a full range of Timber window options. We Design, Supply and Install Timber windows !!!

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Why Choose Timber Windows?

Timber Windows not only offer a traditional look especially for older properties but they are also are know for there sturdieness and longevity. Timber windows also have more design capabilities than modern upvc window installations for example colour can easily be changed through painting and looks / designs can be altered through adding features such as window trims.  Timber Windows look great and provide a natural look to.

 Why Customers choose City Glass Uk Ltd for there Timber Windows?

Our Stock of Timber windows is Vast providing customers with great choice in design and quality.  The Modern timber windows we fit are of a much higher quality than there older counterparts meaning customers see a noticable difference in heat loss and draught proofing. By Choosing City Glass Uk Ltd for your timber windows you can rest assured you are using glaziers that are reliable professional & compteively priced. Every Timber window installation is unique to the property so please Telephone: 0131 442 3860 or Email: cityglassukltd@hotmail.co.uk for installation times & to find out about practicalities for your specific timber window project.